GWP Guest Professor Jurgen De Wispelaere – Seminar Announcement

The Götz Werner Chair is pleased to host Professor Jurgen De Wispelaere as a Guest Professor for 2023. Professor De Wispelaere is a political theorist and policy scholar, and a world leading expert on the politics of basic income. Formerly an occupational therapist, he hold a Doctorate of Social Sciences (Social Policy) from the University of Tampere. He is a founding co-editor of Basic Income Studies, and has published extensively on political theory, public policy, welfare state research, and social protection. The Götz Werner Chair is pleased to welcome Professor De Wispelaere to Freiburg!

Summer Semester Seminar

For the Summer Semester, Professor De Wispelaere will be offering a block seminar for masters’ students: “Recent Advances in Basic Income Policy Research“. More information can be found on the course website.