Seminar: „Basic Income Field Experiments“ SS22

(Summer Term 2022)

Fridays 3 – 6pm, from 29 April til 3 June in room R 02 012 (Rempartstraße 10-16)

Summer Seminar to be taught by GWP Guest Professor Karl Widerquist.

This 6 ECTS lecture-seminar will be based on Karl Widerquists‘ research on UBI experiments and on the broad range of research on UBI experiments. It will begin with a discussion of the politics and economics of the 1970s Negative Income Tax experiments in the United States and Canada, followed by several lectures and discussions based on the book A Critical Discussion of Basic Income Experiments, and concluding with student reports involving critical analysis of recent or ongoing UBI experiments around the world.

Primary reading:

Karl Widerquist, 2005. “A Failure to Communicate: What (if Anything) Can We Learn From the Negative Income Tax Experiments?” the Journal of Socio-Economics 34 (1): 49-81

Karl Widerquist, 2018. A Critical Analysis of Basic Income Experiments for Researchers, Policymakers, and Citizens, New York: Palgrave Macmillan Roberto Merrill (editor), 2021, Special Issue on Basic Income Experiments, Ethical Perspectives 28 (1), March, pages 1-115

A long list of additional reading will be available on the syllabus. All students will do at least some of the additional reading. Students (after discussion with the class) will decide which additional reading (on and off the list) to read and report on.

The seminar takes place in English language.

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