Visiting Professors

We are pleased to welcome the following visiting professors at the GWP:

Winter semester 2022/2023

Prof. Dr. Jurgen De Wispelaere

Jurgen De Wispelaere is a former occupational therapist turned political theorist and public policy scholar. He teaches at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Latvia) and is an adjunct professor in the philosophy of social policy at Tampere University (Finland). His main expertise is the politics and political economy of universal basic income, a topic on which he has published extensively in international journals and scholarly volumes. During his visit at GWP/FRIBIS he will focus on several projects: the role of emergencies and crisis in the political economy of basic income; assessing the policy impact of basic income experiments; basic income and exit as worker empowerment in precarious employment relations. He will also continue his work as a scientific advisor of the Catalan Basic Income Pilot Project. More information can be found at

Summer semester 2022

Prof. Dr. Mike Jacobson

The Götz Werner Chair is pleased to announce that Mike Jacobson, Professor of Forest Resources at Pennsylvania State University will be visiting the Götz Werner Chair as a Guest Professor over the summer months.

Professor Jacobson carries out extensive research and teaching programs that promote sustainable management of forests and other natural resources. Core activities and interests include forest economics and finance, agroforestry, bioenergy and water-energy-food nexus. He has a significant presence in international activities and teaches forest economics, international forestry, and agroforestry. He is a member of the Freiburg Institute of Basic Income Studies (FRIBIS) WEF_FABI ( Water-Energy-Food Nexus & Foreign Aid Basic Income) <>  team, and will be collaborating with the GWP and FRIBIS on a Namibian-based project which seeks to better understand the interdependencies between the WEF nexus and UBI.

Professor Jacobson will also be offering a Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainability Seminar <>  for master level students from both the economics and forestry faculty, which presents the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning in a very current topic.

Winter semester 2021/2022

Prof. Dr. Karl Widerquist

The Götz Werner chair is pleased to announce that Karl Widerquist, Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University Qatar, has accepted a position as Guest Professor at the Götz Werner Chair, University of Freiburg for first months of 2022. Professor Widerquist is an interdisciplinary academic, a prolific author, and a recognised leader within the Basic Income Movement.

Otto Lehto

Otto Lehto is a philosopher and political economist. His PhD research at King’s College London focuses on UBI, classical liberalism, and evolutionary economics. He is a postdoctoral research fellow at NYU’s School of Law (2022-2024). He is the recipient of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) LAHP studentship (2017-2019). He has an MA in Social and Moral Philosophy (2015) from the University of Helsinki. He was chairman of Finnish BIEN in 2015-16.

Summer semester 2021

Prof. Dr. Sascha Liebermann

In the context of his visiting professorship, Prof. Liebermann devotes himself to questions of the fundamental determination of the relationship between autonomy of life practice, political order and socio-political performance in order to gain a better understanding of how these three levels of action are interrelated. At the same time, the aim is to specify why in the UBI discussion the reference to the political order and its premises play such a subordinate role, although they are of elementary importance.

Winter semester 2020/2021

Prof. Dr. Alexander Spermann

Within the framework of the visiting professorship, Mr. Spermann will further develop his reform proposal “Basic money and tax credits instead of Hartz IV”. In addition, a joint research project with Prof. Neumärker will look more closely at the interaction between basic money and net basic income.

Summer semester 2020

Em. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Friedrich Schneider

Within the framework of the guest professorship in the SS 2020, Prof. Friedrich Schneider and his Linz colleagues developed a model and an initial calculation of the financing of a consumption tax-financed UBI for Germany, in which Prof. Neumärker also participated. In addition, it is planned to develop a joint paper of Prof. Neumärker and Prof. Schneider on an “emergency” or “crisis” UBI to replace the previous aid payments.