Prof. Dr. Karl Justus Bernhard Neumärker

+49 (0)761 203 9457
+49 (0)761 203 2322
Room: 03013 Rempartstraße 16

Professor of Economics (in particular Economic Policy) and Director of the Götz Werner Chair of Economic Policy and Constitutional Economic Theory

Office Hours


Do 12:00-13:00 h: Only by appointment with the Secretariat

Semester break:

By appointment with the Secretariat

Research Interests

  • Ordnungspolitik
  • Constitutional Economics and Social Contract Theory
  • Political Economy of Reforms
  • Economics of Social Justice
  • Economics of Conflict and Power

Curriculum Vitae

CV (Stand: Oktober 2016)

Publications (Selection)

  • Efficiency, Fairness and Conflict in Scientific Publishing – Further Thoughts on Nentjes‘ „On the Right to Repeat Oneself“, (with Tim Krieger), in: Homo Oeconomicus 2013; 30 (in press).
  • A Contribution to the Contractual Analysis of Public-Private Partnerships (with Sarah Jamil), in: Journal for Public and Nonprofit Services (ZöGU), Beiheft 2013; 42, 21-38.
  • Faire Managemententlohnung, in: Buchholz, W (Hrsg.): Wirtschaftsethik in einer globalisierten Welt. Wirtschaftsethische Perspektiven IX Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2012; 39-60.
  • Penalties in the Theory of Equilibrium Tax Evasion: Solving King John’s Problem (with Gerald Pech), in: Public Finance Review, 2011; 39: 5-24.
  • Konflikt, Macht und Gewalt aus politökonomischer Perspektive, Marburg: Metropolis, 2011.
  • Neuroeconomics and the Economic Logic of Behavior. Analyse & Kritik, 2007; 29: 60-85.
  • Ordnungspolitik für den öffentlichen Sektor (with C. Schnabel), Marburg: Metropolis, 2007.