Prof. Dr. Sophia Seung-yoon Lee visits the GWP

We are very happy about the visit of Prof. Dr. Sophia Seung-yoon Lee January 2024. The GWP is delighted about the stimulating exchange on basic income.

Dr. Sophia Seung-yoon Lee obtained her Ph.D. in Social Policy from Oxford University in the UK with her thesis on a comparative study between East Asian welfare states and non-regular workers. She is a full professor of social policy at Chung-Ang university, Seoul, South Korea. Her major research fields are East Asian welfare states and labour markets, precarious workers, UBI and comparative research methodology. She recently published her book [“Varieties of Precarity: Melting Labour and the Failure to Protect Workers in the Korean Welfare State“ (2023) Policy Press.] and was also the first Vice-Chairperson of the Youth Policy Coordination Committee in the Prime Minister’s Office.