Announcement Seminar: „Ethics of Universal Basic Income“ by Prof. Karl Widerquist at the GWP

The Götz Werner chair is pleased to announce that Karl Widerquist, Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University Qatar, has accepted a position as Guest Professor at the Götz Werner Chair, University of Freiburg for first months of 2022. Professor Widerquist is an interdisciplinary academic, a prolific author, and a leader of the Basic Income Movement. He will be teaching a seminar, The Ethics of Basic Income, for master’s students based on some of his own publications, including Freedom as the Power to Say No, Prehistoric Myths in Modern Political Philosophy, the Prehistory of Private Property. You can find out more about Professor Widerquist on his website,

For more information and to apply for the class please visit the course website.

Please note: Applications to participate in the class are due by December 15.