Philip Kovce


Office hours: by appointment

External Ph.D. Candidate

Dissertation Project:

Political Economy and Political Philosophy of Freedom: Liberal Positions on Unconditional Basic Income

The topic researched within the scope of this dissertation is the role assumed by liberal standpoints that advocate or reject Basic Income. First the Basic Income discourse will be organized in historical and in systematic terms. Primarily, essential characteristics of Basic Income will be analyzed with respect to their liberal content. To conclude, the dissertation will sound out the degree to which Basic Income promotes social contract negotiations and deliberative democracy.



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  • (mit Daniel Häni) Voting for Freedom. The 2016 Swiss Referendum on Basic Income: A Milestone in the Advancement of Democracy, Basel 2016;


  • (mit Birger Priddat) Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen. Grundlagentexte, Berlin 2019;
  • Soziale Zukunft. Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen. Die Debatte, Stuttgart 2017.