Dr. Marcel Franke

Research Assistant                  
Mail: marcel.franke@vwl.uni-freiburg.de
Tel.: +49 – (0)761 – 203-2320
Room: 03011 Rempartstraße 16
Consultation by arrangement

Teaching Experience:

  • Supervision of thesis for Bachelor and Master since SS 17
  • SS 23 lecture “Ökonomie im geopolitischen Kontext” at the Frankreich-Zentrum der Universität Freiburg
  • WS 17/18 to 22/23 main tutorial in Economics of Social Justice
  • WS 20/21 to 22/23 supervision of students in the seminar „Grundprobleme des bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens“
  • SS 19 to 23 main tutorial in Public Sector Economics
  • SS 19 to 23 organisation of the Seminar “Basic Income and Social Justice”
  • SS 17 to 23 supervision of student groups in the seminar “Basic Income and Social Justice”
  • WS 18/19 partly main tutorial in Economic Policy and Public Choice
  • WS 17/18 tutorial and 18/19 tutorials in Economic Policy and Public Choice
  • SS 17 to 18 tutorial in Einführung in die Wirtschaftspolitik
  • SS 17 to 18 tutorial in Constitutional Economics
  • WS 14/15 to 16/17 tutorials in Management of Information Systems

Research Interests:

  • Universal basic income
  • Political philosophy: Notably Constitutional Economics and Economics of Social Justice
  • Regulatory policy

Research Groups and Projects:

  • Member of the Basic Income Research Group (BIRG)
  • Synergies from an Integrated Renewable Energy Supply and Storage System in the Upper Rhine Region: An Interdisciplinary Analysis (RES_TMO)
  • FRIBIS Team “Basic Income for Peacebuilding”


  • Franke, M. (2022). Envy and Blame in the UBI Discussion. Basic Income Studies, aop, 1–33. doi: 10.1515/bis-2021-0035
  • Franke, M., & Jäger, T. (2022). Nash Bargaining with a Social Preference. In B. Neumärker, & J. Schulz (Hrsg.), Financial Issues of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) (Bd. 1). Lit Verlag Berlin, 71–106.
  • Franke, M., & Neumärker, B. (February 2022). A Climate Alliance through Transfer: Transfer Design in an Economic Conflict Model. World, 3, 112–125. doi:10.3390/world3010006

Working paper:

  • Davies, C., Franke, M., Kuang, L., & Neumärker, B. (2022). A Contractarian View on Homann’s Ethical Approach: the Vision of `New Ordoliberalism´. Constitutional Economic Network Papers, 1-23.
  • Franke, M. (2022). Transfer in a Conflict Model as a Reason for (Unconditional) Basic Income. FRIBIS Discussion Paper, 3, 1–22.
  • Franke, M. (2021). Eine Verhandlung zur Selektion der konstitutionenökonomischen Lösung. Constitutional Economic Network Papers, 1–40.