Lida Kuang

Tel.: +49 – (0)761 – 203-67925
Room: 03034, Rempartstr. 10
Office Hours: By appointment

Research Associate FRIBIS
EPPC Sub-tutorat

Brief description of the research interestes:
Her research currently focuses on the experiment of UBI as a social contract in the laboratory, to explore the socially acceptable conditions and rules for a basic income society and further development of Ordoliberalism. Then, she will devote herself to completing more experiments on distributive justice in the laboratory.

Teaching Experience:
WS 2020/21 Sub-tutorial in Economic Policy and Public Choice
WS 2021/22 Sub-tutorial in Economic Policy and Public Choice

Research Interests:
Distributive justice, experimental economics, social contract, basic income

Research Groups and Projects:
SoCoBis (Social contract and Ordoliberalism)