Exam Review Ws 22/23

The exams written at the Götz Werner Chair (Prof. Dr. Neumärker) can only be reviewed digitally via a separate Ilias course folder and the BigBlue Button Tool.

To do so, register for the corresponding course / date under the following link:


The password is: GWP

The possible time slots are available in Ilias.

You will be given a 20-minute time slot to review your exam.

If the deposited dates are not sufficient for all students, we will provide additional time slots in a timely manner.

Please note that if you still see points in your exam, you will need to fill out and upload a form deposited on Ilias. The purpose of the viewing appointment is not to discuss points with the respective supervisor, but to follow up on the correction and your solution. All decisions about further points will be discussed calmly with the corrector and examiner on the basis of your written argumentation.