Publications on sustainability and reform implementation research at the GWP

In a separate chapter “Economic barriers, opportunities and
incentives” of the book „Cross  Border Renewable Energy Transitions – Lessons from Europe’s Upper Rhine Region“, to be published in early 2022 by the renowned Routledge Verlag, GWP researchers publish their writings

„Chances and barriers to European transnational collaboration in the
development of a sustainable energy market: Potentials in the Upper
Rhine Region“
by Nora Auguste Möller, Maximilian Hansmann, Dominik Schröder, Bianca Blum, and Bernhard Neumärker as well as

„The political economy of a transnational and sustainable electricity
market: The expansion of the Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper
Rhine (TMO)“
by Viola Nellessen, Dominik Schröder, Bianca Blum, and
Bernhard Neumärker.

The contributions are research results of the participation in the
Joint research project RES_TMO.